1. Supplying & Distributing
    2. Training
    3. Hosting
    4. Technical Consultations
    5. Veterinary care and immunizations.
    6. Dog supplies

1 – Sell and Supply:

For all types of dogs of the purest breeds of dogs with various ages, skilled and unskilled, as well as dry food according to international standards, medicines and immunizations and clothing of all kindsand tastes.

2 – Training:

According to the training programs which are scalable and technically distinctive to individuals and dogs under the supervision of a group of specialists in this field, with the issuance of certificates as well as refreshing training programs.

3 – Hosting:

Provide accommodation services for dogs with veterinary care and healthy nutrition with exercise training or without, we have distinctive hotel rooms.

4 – Technical Consultations

Provide advice and technical support in the selection of species and the use of dogs as well as its field of training and living.

5 – Veterinary care:

Provide all veterinary care, as well as conducting routine immunization through a group of medical specialists at the highest degrees in this field.

6 – Supplies of Dogs:

Soon will create a display room for dog supplies.

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